About Us



“We are Here Now. Our bodies sing your stories. We are humans fishing for humans. Acknowledging the fast pace of our society and embracing the impermanence of life, HNDC feels the urgency. ”

Here Now Dance Collective Brief History

Fletcher’s work manifests as live dance performance, movement based installations and sometimes, short films. Her intention and passion is in framing what exists in the world, with a focus on nuance and subtly. An exposition of the light and dark, Fletcher creates theater spliced with abstract acts.

Fletcher founded HNDC in 2008. Based in San Francisco, CA, Here Now Dance Collective originated as a simple gathering of friends and performers.

HNDC’s creative work is rooted in the performance of contemporary dance, but not exempt from video, multimedia, full-length installations, and post-modern environments/landscapes. Since HNDC’s inception, the company has produced multiple evening length works, participated in over a hundred curated theater/gallery performances, danced in a variety of festivals, and reached over 100,000 people throughout the United States and worldwide with their dance for camera short films.

Here Now Dance Collective is currently comprised of six dancers: Andrew Chapman, Kit McDaniel, Emily Rose Cannon, Christiana Roberts, Elizabeth Hepp and Michelle Fletcher. Each dancer brings with them a strong contemporary dance training/technical ability and specialties that include singing, acting, film making, choreography, acrosports, painting, and writing.