O. C says….

The Apology Project’s San Francisco debut at Unspeakable Projects last week was an exercise in sharing our work. Not just showing it, but making eye contact while we did it. Shimmying our way between audience members, blowing them kisses, laughing with them and staring them down was a delight for me because of how willing the audience was to enjoy our work. I worried that dancing so close to the audience would make it easier for us as dancers to perceive their judgment, but they were all bright sources of enthusiasm in the room, providing a supported opportunity for the dancers, at least in my experience, to get louder, weirder, bigger and less and less sorry.

M. K. says….

Performing The Apology Project at Unspeakable Gallery was exciting! Exposing ourselves to friends and strangers, we were honest and open. Finding a balance, that gray area where there’s structure, but no set plan, left things negotiable and up to “in the moment” decisions. I hope (I think) our vulnerability allowed the audience to relax and feel comfortable. I liked how the audience moved to different places in the gallery and wasn’t afraid to stand close. I usually get uncomfortable when I’m stuck around a lot of people, but I was surprised that I felt comfortable and at ease by the tightness. The audience’s participation fueled my emotions and energy creating a continuous exchange between the dancers and audience, an equal give and take. I’m excited to continue with this process next week at the Garage and see how things unfold.

S. P. says…

It was really interesting to see how the piece changed when it was performed with an audience, especially one that was standing so close to us. The energy felt charged and enthusiastic. It was great to hear and see their reactions to the choices we made. For us, it was a challenge to have so many extra bodies in a space that had previously been open. We had to make many quick decisions to adjust spacing and traveling paths. Coming up with solutions in the moment kept things fresh.

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