I’m here, safe and sound. Travel was ok. I was very concerned both my over-sized carry-ons would be seized from me for checking, but I got lucky and evaded all gate attendants (except for one, whom I ended up crying in front of and eventually won over). I couldn’t let those carry-ons get away from me because they held one of each crucial piece of equipment I need for my Dance Technology courses and my own camera – so whatever it took, had to be done…no regrets!

Naturally upon arrival in Tel Aviv, I picked the wrong passport control line and got stuck behind some people who required extra questioning – still haven’t learned how to profile. Good.

Finally at baggage claim, all three giant checked bags full of the other equipment (padded in bubble wrap, then in their various cases, padded again and wrapped in my clothes) were all there! I heaved them all onto a cart – with a busted front wheel of course and screeched my arrival to all awaiting in receiving area. I was so happy to see a familiar face, my friend Ravid. He took over the cart, we loaded the car quickly and drove to Tel Aviv.

After a nice night of veggie burger delivery and Goldstar beer, I awoke at 6am to drive into Jerusalem with neshama Nitzan. I¬†took Kolben Dance company warmup class (until they started going upside down and I had to just foam roll the jet lag out). After class I dropped Nitzan off at KDC performance venue and drove her car to my new digs. I lugged all 3 big suitcases and 2 carry-ons up the stairs by myself (earning the tub of humus I’m now devouring.) My land lady Anat is an angel because she greeted me with cookies and beer and a tour of my art gallery apartment. Pics below display various art installed in the studio – amazing.


IMG_2868 IMG_2870


Anat promptly left for Haifa after giving me wifi and extra towel. I un-packed everything, stocked up at health food store then napped. The pic of the wall is original Arab wall. Anat/ land lady’s family is from Berkeley and they recently found out the original Arab owners of the home live in Berkeley and so she will meet them on her next trip. Wild.



Tomorrow I must hunker down and organize myself to begin teaching. The semester at The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance begins October 26th. I will teach three days a week, three courses: Contemporary Technique andDance Technology x 2 (two different class groups). People have been asking me if I’m excited – I am with a side of performance anxiety. However, I know this is always how it is, once I meet the students and get going the groove will take over…

More soon.

Xoxoxox from The Holy Land

On October 13, 2014, madge said:

Great photos especially of Michael and Vered’s.
What an adventure already, but great your tears et al worked and you have everything with you even your wits.
Sitting in Lab awaiting the 3 o’clock shift.
Saw Kelly’s duet last night. He is dancing with such clarity and abandon!

To the unfolding and hopefully welcome surprises.


On October 14, 2014, lori said:

I loved reading about your safe arrival… keep the pictures coming they are amazing! Love “journeying” with you!

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