Here Now Dance Collective presents THIS IS DEDICATED…
JUNE 21-23, FRI – SAT 8pm, & SUN 7pm at CounterPULSE

This Is Dedicated… Here Now Dance Collective’s new dance theater performance game with rules, a referee, a winner, and lots of losers, featuring a projected set design and a live DJ. Partnering with other not-for-profit organizations in the community, HNDC finds more purpose for dance in our society.

Premiering at CounterPULSE Theater June 21-23: 2013, THIS IS DEDICATED…utilizes the structure of a professional sports games, offering four 20-minute quarters complete with a half-time show and team mascot. Inspired by themes from WWI era dance- marathons and sports culture, the dance game appropriates what is successful and exploits the negative spectacle of the two particular phenomenons. Specifically, the structure of the work revolves around multiple movement games each with their own projection environment and rules of play. These “playing cards” embody a variety of qualities, aesthetics, and statements. Each time the game is played/ the piece is performed, the order is unknown to the dancer players. A three surface projected set design by Hannah Ireland dictates, through randomization, which game within the game will be played and in what order. Guest dancer Kelly Del Rasario from The Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, plays the referee character calling each dancer out of the game when a mistake is made or a rule is violated. For the sound score, live DJ, Jordan Akerley spins various tracks from a variety of genres onstage, further contributing to the chance element of the performance. During the show, HNDC invites their audience to request songs that the DJ will incorporate into each quarter set.

As the structural frame and launching place for This is Dedicated… is sports and WWI dance-marathons, the work includes a competitive edge. HNDC found fuel and purpose in pairing with three Bay Area non-profits of the dancers’ choosing: Larkin St. Youth Services, The Vasculitis Foundation and The Friends of Alemany Farm. Inspired by the desire to win support and visibility for their charity, each dancer is positioned to push themselves physically and competitively to win. Every minute the dancer players are able to stay in the game, and not be called “out” by the referee, they earn money for their chosen charity. Pledges have been collected ranging from $1-5 for every minute a dancer player dances.For the live performances, audience members will have the opportunity to “bet” their ticket money on a dancer, knowing that the ticket proceeds will go toward the non-profit for which the dancer is representing/dancing/playing for.

“It is my observation that sports plays a huge role in our society – it serves as an immediate bond when strangers share the same favorite team, causes riots, funnels aggression, distracts, and for some people it is their theater and the stadiums are often full. I never participated in sports events or activities, but after the Giants won the world series and I witnessed my own community get so immersed in it all, I could resists examining what sports does well and what I still have qualms about…”

- Michelle Fletcher, Director of Here Now Dance Collective

HNDC Mission

We are Here Now. Our bodies sing your stories. We are humans fishing for humans. Acknowledging the fast pace of our society and embracing the impermanence of life, HNDC feels the urgency. There is no time to be passive, to sit in a dark theater and wait for our audience. We are bringing our dances to you. Taking our cue from counter culture and the guerrilla art movement, we hit the streets and leave our hearts on the grass, beside a building, near a stream, on a sidewalk, splattered on the pavement.

Michelle Fletcher founded HNDC in 2008. Based in San Francisco, CA, Here Now Dance Collective originated as a simple gathering of friends and performers. Together they collaborate in a playful, disciplined way. Each project has its own aesthetic, and with this freedom the group creates immersing, often charmingly awkward, drama’turgical environments. HNDC’ creative work is rooted in the performance of contemporary dance, but not exempt from video, multimedia, full-length installations, and post-modern environments/landscapes. Since HNDC’s inception, the company has produced 3 evening length works, participated in over 30 curated theater/gallery performances, danced in a variety of festivals, and reached over 100,000 people throughout the United States and world-wide with their dance for camera short films.

Here Now Dance Collective is currently comprised of 4 dancers: Michelle Kinny, Michelle Fletcher, Sarah Gould, Caitlin Hafer. Each dancer brings with them a strong contemporary dance training/technical ability and specialities that include circus skills, singing, acting, film making, choreography, acrosports, painting, and writing.

Michelle Fletcher lives in San Francisco, participating fully in the SF art community as a choreographer, director, mentor and writer. Fletcher works with multi-discipline artists as a coach/director and teaches at The Garage in San Francisco – home to cutting edge artists. Fletcher founded Here Now Dance Collective in 2008 and consistently creates new work with the company. Widely recognized for her installation, multi-media, post- modern experiments that remain personal to the human experience. Her company (Here Now Dance Collective) is engaged to perform in venues across the country and internationally. Fletcher has received prestigious awards including The Zellerbach Family Foundation Grant and a Margaret Jenkins’ Dance Lab CHIME Grant. Fletcher received her BFA from North Carolina School of the Arts and her MFA from Florida State University.

WHAT: THIS IS DEDICATED… a dance theater game with rules, a referee, a winner, and lots of losers featuring a projected set design and a live DJ. Partner with other not-for-profit organizations in the community and find more purpose for dance in our society.

WHO: Here Now Dance Collective under the direction of Michelle Fletcher

WHEN: JUNE 21-23, FRI – SAT 8pm, & SUN 7pm, 2013

WHERE: CounterPULSE Theater
1310 Mission Street and 9th Street
San Francisco, 94103

COST: $15-$100 – Sliding Scale
Tickets available for purchase at CounterPULSE.org
*When checking in at box office, you will have the opportunity to “place a bet”/ dictate (anonymously) which dancer and their chosen charitable organization you would like your ticket money to go toward. The ticket fee is a sliding scale so that you can choose at what level you would like to support this project.

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HNDC dancer Sarah Gould_photo by Matt Lewis

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