“Spending 90 minutes in the company of these splendid performers, the Here Now Dance Collective and the guitarists of the Mobius Trio, is like taking a crash course in the world of Big Pharma.”

- Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle

Prescription Drug Nation…created by composer Aaron Gervais, and choreographed by Michelle Fletcher — is surprisingly nuanced in its approach…Prescription Drug Nation Is Just What the Doctor Ordered”

- by Rebecca Wishnia, San Francisco Classical Voice

“Fletcher is an emerging voice whose choreographic intentions have manifested in a refreshing palette that is at once tender, awkward and compelling…her own unique form of visual poetry.”

—Jennifer Calienes, Director of MANCC (Maggie Allese National Center for Choreography)

“As a nondancer and someone ‘new’ to dance, I have been deeply impressed by how Fletcher’s work conveys despair, humor, love, and folly in ways that are personal and penetrating, not in ways that are abstract or self-contained. She presents a truly explorable universe, one that does not demand measurement and yet indicates a wonderfully precise making. I feel that she is moving forward fearlessly and reverently in her work, and it has drawn my attention to the world of dance and to a very real, interior world.”

—Jesse Rickett, Audience Member

“Fletcher’s work has a unique level of craftmanship and musicality. The movement has a freshness that is pleasantly surprising and requires a level of contemporary technique that makes the work seem original and uncommon.”

—Joe Landini, Producer and Choreographer, The Garage

“As a dancer, what makes performing Michelle’s pieces so satisfying is the challenge to delve deeply into her movement. Her choreography asks dancers to be unafraid of gestures that we might at first regard as silly or mundane. At the same time she fully utilizes classical techniques and combines them in a graceful way—so what results is a beautiful hybrid that is a joy to watch and, most of all, perform.”

—Sarah Pomarico, Dancer